Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

We will compose an IaaS cloud solution tailored to your needs. The components can be the following:

Private Cloud

A collection of virtual or physical servers built just for you and your purposes.

Public Cloud

The same kind of solution as a the private cloud solution, but the virtual servers are rented from our or our competitors' cloud solutions.

Hybrid Solution

A mix of the above solutions.

Hardware options:

We will rent the necessary hardware to you
(Dedicated Server service)

We will build your system on your hardware and host it in a secure server room

We will compile the solution in our cloud via virtual servers

Managed or unmanaged – we offer a full system management and monitoring service with the help of our partners: https://xf.ee/

Let us help with consultation and finding the best solution for you – contact us at info@serverfarm.ee or call 555 31 594