Virtual Server / Cloud Server

You can rent one or several virtual servers, parameters and resources of which you can choose for yourself.

Server Farm Cloud Solution

This is the right service for you, if you need a high maintenance system composed of several virtual servers or other components. Similar to offers from AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud (IaaS - infrastructure as a service). Together, we will pinpoint your needs and build a solution suitable for you. We will also monitor and maintain the system upon request.

Private Cloud

Do you need a custom private cloud solution that would be completely independent (for example, OpenStack, CloudStack, Proxmox, Kubernetes, CEPH, DRBD, etc.)? We can connect this solution to your office or other server room directly or via VPN.



Colocation is the service for you, if you already own some servers that you need to host securely in a server room. If you have more than three servers, it is likely better to rent a part of a server cabinet.

Server Cabinet Rent

You own several servers or other devices and you need a secure hosting solution? We can rent you storage space in various sizes according to your needs.

Dedicated Server

This solution is ideal for you if want neither a virtual server nor your own server, and you don't want to deal with maintenance. For a fixed montly fee, we will rent you a powerful and reliable DELL brand server that is configured according to your needs.

All these services can be:

Managed - we offer 24/7 maintenance and monitoring of software and operation system, so you can concentrate on your business.
Not managed - if you have the know-how yourself and all you need from us is running the server room.