About Us

Our Experts

The purpose of Server Farm is to offer you high a quality server room and personalized service. We will gladly help you with starting a service and keeping it running later on. Our experienced team members have a strong background in IT, so we believe that we can offer you a truly excellent service.



Siim has been working with Linux servers, networks and software development his whole life and he has over 15 years of professional experience.


Marko has been working with networks, communications and telecommunications since 2002, and has built a communications company of a considerable size from the ground up.


Rait has higher education in business management and he has been involved in several business enterprises. He has experience with IT since 2001.



Carl is a true servers enthusiast. He knows them through and through, his work is fast and efficient, and his attitude is always friendly.

We also have strong ties with several other enterprises, so that we could offer the best possible service even when our own core team lacks experience in the given matter.


Questions? Seeing is believing – let’s make an appointment for you to visit our server room.